Mortgage Refinancing

It’s that time of year when your mortgage is coming up for refinancing. You’re not sure whether or not you should stick around with your current lender. The best solution is to shop around to see if you can get a better interest rate. The smallest difference in percentage points will mean hundreds of dollars and potentially even thousands of dollars in savings. The lenders we recommend below will help you in getting the best possible interest rate.

Loan Web – Apply and a professional will help you find the best interest rate that you can qualify for.. Compare quotes from up to 5 local and nationally recognised lenders. Since 1996 they have serviced over $250 billion in requests from millions of customers. If you want the best customer service than this is the place to go.

Lower My Bills – Refinancing your mortgage is simple with this lender. They make it  as easy as possible with a short 5 minute form. Once this form is completed they will give you information concerning the best rate that is available to you based on the information that you provided.

Quicken Loans –  A great way to refinance your mortgage quickly and effortlessly.Unlike most lenders you don’t need to purchase a mansion to quality for a new mortgage. Refinancing starts at homes valued at $20 000, and the maximum limit is dependant on the value of your home.

PPI on Mortgage – If you live in the UK and have taken out a mortgage or any type of financial product before 2010, you may have been mis sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance). This was an insurance product that got added to your finances many times without your knowledge and/or was not applicable for you. You can check if you can claim back what may be owed to you.